J.R. Valrey on Trial for Felony Charges in Oscar Grant Rebellion

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On Sept. 21st, J.R. Valrey will stand trial in Oakland on felony arson charges, after he was arrested while reporting on the Oscar Grant Rebellion on January 7, 2009. Valrey is a producer at KPFA radio, associate editor and multimedia director of the San Francisco Bay View newspaper, and runs the Block Report Radio website.

Valrey believes his arrest was payback for his years covering police brutality in print and on the radio. "I was covering it as a journalist," he said. "But one thing that's different about me from the rest of the rebels is that the Oakland police know me. ... I'm not a stranger to the power structure of Oakland, so I believe like many others that I was targeted politically... We were basically set up on trumped-up charges." Valrey's lawyer, Marlon Monroe, says the case against Valrey is weak and will fail.


September 30th, Wednesday 7 P.M.
“Time for a new economic system”

Speakers discuss alternatives to war economy. Presenting Earl Gilman, Gerald Smith BLR 104.1FM, and others. Refreshments provided. Presented in conjunction with ‘Single Payer Health Care Not War’ events in October. Art House Gallery, 2905 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley

October 1st ,Thursday, 7 PM.
“ Poetry of Protest”

Local poets present work focused on the realities of
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Tristan Anderson And Family To Sue For Injuries

(09-13) 19:46 PDT -- An Oakland man who was seriously wounded by a tear gas projectile fired by Israeli police during a West Bank protest will file suit despite a military report concluding that he was engaged in an "act of war," his lawyers said Sunday.

The case of Tristan Anderson, who remains hospitalized with brain damage and a fractured skull six months after he was injured, may test Israel's efforts to shield itself from lawsuits for harm it causes during wartime, said attorney Michael Sfard.

Anderson's lawyers said Israel's Ministry of Defense has told them the demonstrators threw stones and other objects at police, who acted in self-defense.

Young Israeli Army Resisters Speak Out in National Tour

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by Janet Weil and Rae Abileah on September 11, 2009

The High Holy Days are a time to review the past year, to acknowledge our moral strengths and weaknesses, and to turn toward the New Year with a renewed commitment to living our values. One part of that process of “teshuvah ve tzedakah”, turning and returning, is to tell the stories that powerfully illustrate the Jewish values of devotion to life and justice. During this period of intense reflection, two courageous young Israeli women who refused to serve in the Israeli army will share their stories in a national tour called, "Why We Refuse: A National Tour of Israeli Young Women for Peace," from September 11 to October 11.

Mehserle Loses Bid to Have Murder Case Dropped

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(09-10) 15:06 PDT OAKLAND -- An Alameda County judge refused Thursday to dismiss a murder charge against a former BART police officer who shot a prone passenger in the back, saying there was ample evidence to support another judge's conclusion that the officer had known he was firing a gun.

Lawyers for Johannes Mehserle had appealed a June 4 decision by Superior Court Judge C. Don Clay requiring Mehserle, 27, to stand trial for murder in the death of Oscar Grant at Oakland's Fruitvale Station early New Year's Day.

Defense lawyers argued that testimony from witnesses at a preliminary hearing showed Mehserle had believed he was reaching for his Taser stun gun, not his revolver, before he shot Grant. Such a finding would reduce the maximum charge to involuntary manslaughter.

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